Terms and agreements of Tutorbada

  1. Objective

    The terms are stated to set the basic requirements, condition and procedure to use the web service of Tutorbada (www.tutorbada.com)

  2. Terminology

    1. ‘Service’ is referred as all the service provided by the company through a website and a mobile application.
    2. A ‘Student user’ is referred for students who are in search of a tutor. A student user fill a form to enter his/her personal contact information and pay for a trial or an orientation session. Also, a student user should read and agree on our terms and agreements in order to use our service.
    3. A ‘tutor user’ is a user who are looking for students to teach lessons with fee. A tutor user should register through the website with an ID, a password and personal information. A tutor user should read, agree and comply with terms and agreements.
  3. Application of the terms and agreements

    1. The terms and agreements is applicable to all the service the company provides and its necessities to use the service.
    2. The service Tutorbada.com provides is applicable to relevant regulation and law.
  4. Contents of service

    The company provides contents of its own, service affiliated with its partner and other service related to core service it provides. However, according to the circumstance the method, schedule can be altered, postponed or canceled.

  5. Completion of service agreement

    1. Completion of lesson application form and payment transaction will be considered as the agreement on the terms and agreements for student users.
    2. Upon the registration of the website after reviewing and agreeing on terms and agreements, the tutors can use the service the company provides.
  6. Service application and approval

    1. The company will approve the application of user for the service according to section 5 unless special occasion comes up.
    2. The company may limit a new user from using the service or defer the service approval with following reasons.
      1. Lack of equipment capacity to accommodate new user.
      2. Due to technical difficulty.
      3. Other situation when company considers it needs it.
    3. The company may cancel a user account and forbid the user from reregistration when the company finds out the following situation.
      1. When a teacher user did not register with his/her real name.
      2. When a teacher user registered the account with someone else’s name.
      3. When a teacher user registered with information that are not genuine.
      4. When a teacher user shows an inappropriate behavior.
      5. When a teacher does not meet the all the requirements or did not enter all the required information.
      6. When a teacher violates terms and agreements.
      7. Long term absence from service.
  7. Service stoppage

    The company provides the service 24 hours a day on a regular basis but may come to on stop on following situations.

    1. Maintenance on server, website, equipment and etc.
    2. When power supplier or internet service provider stopped operation.
    3. When there’s a situation the company cannot handle on their own.
    4. Emergency situation, black out, technical difficulty on equipment and etc.
  8. Newsletter

    The company can inform users on its service, events and promotion through email but user can opt out from receiving the newsletter.

  9. Rights of student user or their parent

    1. Students user and their parents reserve right to be protected for their personal and private information.
    2. Students users and their parents may search and find the most suitable tutor and apply for orientation lesson.
  10. Duty of student user

    1. A student user should finish checking up computer and it system setting prior to lesson session.
    2. If students or parents member want to verify tutor’s profile, ask for a copy of ID, certificate, degree or a reasonable document proof. The company does not take responsibility on tutor profile credibility and will hold no liability on any relevant issue.
  11. Tutor member’s right

    1. Tutor member has a right to be protected for a personal information.
    2. Tutor member can register a profile on the website to be exposed to students who are looking for a tutor. Students can book a trial/orientation session with fee.
  12. Tutor member’s duty

    1. Tutor member should guide and teach students with passion.
    2. Tutor member cannot change the lesson schedule or increase the fee without a proper communication with student member.
    3. Tutor member should change their profile when there is an update to make.
    4. Tutor member cannot replace his duty to a substitute tutor without a proper discussion and consent from a student.
  13. Company’s right

    1. The company may request a copy of ID, supporting document for education achievement.
    2. The company can cancel the tutor or student account when the terms and agreements are not complied properly or personal information entered are not genuine.
  14. The company’s duty

    1. The company should conduct and operate the service in accordance with the law.
    2. The company cannot release personal information of users outside of the scope that has been addressed. Exception can be made if there is a official request from a government.
  15. Lesson fee and other condition

    1. Lesson fee, number of lesson, subject can be discussed and negotiated between tutor and students.
      *** Any incident or trouble arises due to lesson fee, the company does not take any responsibility. The company tries to mediate between the two parties when the tutor and student use the company’s Escrow service.
    2. The company does not take any role or get involved with a deal between the student member and student member.
  16. Fee

    1. The company charges a certain amount of fee to student member for arranging a trial lesson with a tutor member.
    2. The rate of the trial lesson fee can be adjusted according to the company’s policy. The trial lesson which has been scheduled already does not require additional fee after the fee adjustment.
    3. The fee will be displayed in the website or other method then it will take effect.
    4. Fees paid for a trial lesson will not be refunded in any circumstance. If a student member wants to reschedule the date of trial lesson, contact the tutor to reschedule.
    5. The company may change the fee policy.
  17. Loss of membership

    1. If the information entered is not correct, the member can lose the member status.
    2. If a member does not comply the policy, terms and agreements, the member may lose the member status.
    3. If a member is considered to do any harm on the company, the member will lose the member status.
  18. Liability

    1. As the company is helping a student member making decision on his/her own discretion, if a tutor enter an independent and volunteer the company does not take responsibility on wrong or false information.
    2. The company is not responsible for missing payment from a student member nor incomplete scheduled lessons caused by a tutor member. The company does not get involved with the relationship between the two parties after arranging a trial lesson.
    3. The company is not responsible for disruption in service caused by any reason. The company is not responsible for loss or leakage of personal information due to an uncontrollable reason.
    4. Any incident or trouble caused between users, the company does not get involved with it nor take legal responsibility.
  19. Personal information protection

    Personal information provided by members should be solely used for an educational purpose and it cannot be revealed to a 3rd party without consent.

  20. Change on terms and agreements

    1. The terms and agreements take effects when it is listed on the website or notifying its users with different methods.
    2. The company can modify the terms and agreements on its own discretion, the updated version will take effect when it is updated on the website.
  21. Issues outside the scope of the terms and agreements

    Any issue that is not governed by the terms and agreements will be followed by a prevailing social norm to resolve. If it cannot be solved, it will be following relevant law.

  22. Jurisdiction and etc.

    1. Any dispute arises between the company and a member will be dealt in a court within the jurisdiction where the company is located.
    2. More company policies can be found at announcement page or FAQ.